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Fire Alarm Designs

M & G Fire Protection (Essex) Ltd. offer a unique design service covering all of your fire alarm requirements. Our engineers have a wealth of experience in the design of fire alarm systems and have been fully trained on the latest standards by recognised governing bodies. To help us choose the right equipment and system for your needs we:
  • Undertake site visits.
  • Carry out accompanied site visits.
  • Discuss local legislation requirements with fire officers and local authorities.
  • Arrange for samples.
  • Complete design certificates.
  • Arrange and carry out full commissioning of the system.
  • Offer a full quotation package.
  • Keeping up with current legislation is a headache for many specifiers and clients: you may not be aware that the 1988 version of BS5839 Part - 1 has been withdrawn and replaced by the 2013 version?
This code of practice provides the recommendations which, if followed, would ensure adherence to current good practice. Variations are allowed, but should be justified with sound engineering principles. The new code has substantial new sections on monitoring and integrity, choice of detector type, false alarms and grade of cables. System design should therefore be carried out by a competent person to ensure that the requirements of BS 5839 Part - 1 - 2013 are complied with. We can design and provide the best system that will conform to all current legislation.