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Get automatic fire protection with MAUS Stixx

We’re thrilled to announce the launch of our brand new Fire Suppression Sticker ”MAUS Stixx”, which automatically triggers when it comes into contact with fire. It will protect properties, vehicles, and boats from fires that could otherwise be easily spread and cause disasters.

Fires in electronics and fuse boxes are increasing every year. The reason can be anything from short circuits, old circuit breakers or electronics that are broken or overloaded.

Protect yourself from fire hazards caused by:

  • Fuse boxes - fires can easily start due to cables being too tight, short circuiting, lightning strikes, defective fuses etc.
  • Fridge / Freezers - a sticker above the compressor behind the fridge / freezer protects against fires caused by dust being ignited by an overheated compressor.
  • Dryers / Washing machines - place three stickers inside the shell of your device to get long-lasting protection.

How does it work?

A flame’s heat can be anywhere between 600-1400°C. When the Fire Suppression Sticker reaches 380°C, it sends out a completely non-toxic and contamination-free potassium radicals that interrupt the chemical reactions, causing the fire to extinguish.

Apply it in 3 easy steps:

1. Remove the adhesive cover on the back of MAUS Stixx

2. Place MAUS Stixx on the flat surface or console above the expected area of a potential fire with the coloured surface downwards. Cover 20% of the upper area for the best protection.

3. You’re ready to go! Check the MAUS Stixx regularly to be sure that it has not been activated

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Where do I apply them?

Refrigerator & Freezer

Install one sticker above the compressor on the back.

Washing machine

Remove the sides and add one on each inside and one on the back.

Tumble dryer

Remove the sides and add one on each inside and one on the heat element on the back.

Electric cabinet

Remove the front. Place between one and four stickers according to the instructions in the instruction manual.